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Announcing our NEW Sunnyside Center

Contributed by Daniel DiPietro, Director of Operations, Neighborhood Radiology

sunnyside location rendering

Creating a new imaging center is no small task. It takes substantial financial investment. It takes crews of workers, builders, engineers and information technology personnel months of planning, preparing and hard work to make it operational. It takes the hiring of specialized doctors, nurses, administrative specialists and support personnel. But when it opens, our new Sunnyside center will be one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced imaging centers in New York.

Sunnyside will offer a full range of imaging tests in a single convenient location, with the capacity to serve more patients with minimal wait times. Our newest generation of equipment also means faster scanning times, which means greater comfort for patients and less disruption to their normal lives. And, just like at all Neighborhood Radiology locations, patients can expect fast results to their doctor (many times the same day) which means less anxiety waiting for test results.

Our new center will feature a new 3T MRI, a faster and more capable system known for its exceptional diagnostic quality. It will also offer advanced 3D mammography, which has been shown to be more effective and finding smaller, earlier stage cancers than traditional 2D mammography. Watch the video below about the delivery of our new MRI systems.

Patient-centric service is a hallmark of all Neighborhood Radiology centers. An on-site doctor is available to consult with patients and answer questions. In addition, up to TEN different languages will be spoken by the staff at this center, with translation services available for a dozen more.

Aesthetically, it won’t look anything at all like a typical hospital or imaging center. In fact, it was designed to look and feel like a luxurious spa. Soft ambient lighting throughout comfortable waiting areas and in imaging suites is designed to sooth the senses, reduce anxiety and create a much more pleasant patient experience. Complimentary wifi and beverages are always available in our waiting room, along with Netflix on demand on tablets for our MRI patients during exams.

You might think that all of these touches and advanced technology would mean that our imaging services cost more. In reality, the opposite is true. The same (or better) quality test at Neighborhood Radiology can cost up to thousands less than at the hospital, or far less than at other outpatient imaging centers.

If you’re in our neighborhood, we hope you’ll choose our new Sunnyside location for your next imaging test!

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