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For Physicians

For Physicians

Neighborhood Radiology Services is dedicated to providing our referring physicians with a seamless and convenient experience. Click on the buttons at the bottom of this page in order to access our physician tools and information.

To save time for you and your staff, Neighborhood Radiology provides pre-authorization services. We’ll handle the labor-intensive prior authorization process, and our experience working with insurance companies and Medicare can help your patients to achieve fast prior authorizations with reduced instances of denials and other potentially costly delays.


A zero download universal viewer and image exchange platform Neighborhood Radiology is proud to offer the iConnect Access platform. It allows you the freedom to access and view diagnostic images from any device or computer, operating on any platform or operating system. iConnect Access allows the viewing of the entire patient’s imaging history using both DICOM and XDS standards. Images can be shared and exchanged across the enterprise and the physician community with easy-to-use tools. No longer will you be constrained by technology, permissions or concerns about security in your practice, in a hospital or across an entire health system.

With iConnect Access you can:

  • View any images within other applications
  • View any imaging from any specialty area
  • Provide advanced visualization across your entire practice or organization

If you are a physician who needs to be set up with an iConnect portal account to view images and reports, please send an email to us.

Request Physician Representative Visit

To request a visit or phone call from one of our dedicated physician representatives, please send an email to us.

For more information, please call Neighborhood Radiology Services at 800-220-2220.

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