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Nuclear medical scans are a valuable diagnostic tool that use radioactive material to detect health problems involving the bones, thyroid, liver, and other areas of the body.

Nuclear Medicine in Long Island & Queens

What is nuclear medicine?

Nuclear medicine is a medical imaging specialty that is used to diagnose and treat a number of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, and other irregularities in the body. Our radiologists at Neighborhood Radiology Services have special training and expertise in nuclear medicine. We can provide nuclear medicine imaging tests to evaluate and diagnose a range of health conditions in their earliest stages, often before symptoms are noticed.

Nuclear medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive material (radiopharmaceutical) and advanced imaging technology to gather specific information about a patient’s body, which otherwise may not be attainable. Nuclear medicine is a valuable tool in the diagnostic process, as it can identify diseases and abnormalities earlier on, so your doctor can begin treating your condition quickly and with a higher success rate. Call 1-800-220-2220 today to learn more about nuclear medicine and whether you are a candidate!

What types of nuclear medicine exams are available at Neighborhood Radiology Services?

At Neighborhood Radiology Services, the following nuclear medicine scans are available:

  • Bone scan
  • Hepatobiliary (liver, gallbladder, and biliary system) scan
  • Liver/spleen scan
  • Thyroid scan

What does nuclear medicine involve?

At Neighborhood Radiology Services, our nuclear medicine testing is done in-office with our skilled radiologists. Depending on the test you are undergoing, you may be asked to adjust your diet or medication intake before the exam. Speak with your doctor to determine the best way for you to prepare.

For many exams, the radiopharmaceutical is administered through an IV, however, in some situations, you may be asked to ingest it orally. Once the radiopharmaceutical has absorbed into your body, it begins to give off energy that can be detected by a special camera. As the substance moves through your body, the camera captures images that contain details about your body and its functions.

Because there is only a very small amount of radioactive material used with nuclear medicine, your exposure to radiation will be low. In most cases, the benefits of making an accurate diagnosis of a potentially serious health condition far outweigh the risks associated with low radiation exposure.

What are the benefits of undergoing nuclear medicine testing at Neighborhood Radiology Services?

The benefits of undergoing a nuclear medical scan at one of our New York radiology centers include:

  • Performed using the latest and highest quality equipment certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR)
  • Non-invasive and painless procedure
  • Performed in one office visit
  • Increases the chances of making an accurate and/or earlier diagnosis and guiding treatment of a health condition

Schedule Your Nuclear Medicine Consultation Today!

If you need to book a nuclear medicine exam, contact our board-certified radiologists at Neighborhood Radiology Services, with locations throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. Fill out the form on this page to request an appointment or call 800-220-2220 to learn more about our services.

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