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Providing the full range of women's imaging services using the latest imaging technology, tailored to the unique needs of each woman.

Women's Imaging Services in Long Island & Queens

At Neighborhood Radiology Services, we provide the latest in women’s imaging technology. All exams are performed in our state-of-the-art radiology centers, using the highest quality equipment certified by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Our board-certified radiologists are experts in 3D mammography, digital mammography, and breast ultrasound, in addition to other women’s imaging services. With six convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, we offer high-quality imaging services that are close to home.
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What is women’s imaging?

Women’s imaging is a field of medicine that specializes in diagnostic and screening radiology for a number of women’s health conditions. This field includes a wide range of imaging tests, such as mammography, bone density scans, breast biopsy, and numerous other imaging services that are critical for women’s health.

Who should use women’s imaging services?

It is recommended that women over the age of 40 begin having routine women’s imaging services – specifically mammography – in order to screen for breast cancer. Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, allowing your doctor to find cancer at its earliest stages. Mammography continues to be the best way to screen for early signs of the disease.

Because each woman is unique, there may be an advantage for some women to undergo BRCA genetic testing or other women’s imaging services, depending on your needs. Additionally, some women should begin breast cancer screening earlier or later than others, depending on personal medical history and family medical history. Check with your doctor to determine the best plan for your needs.

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To learn more, contact our board-certified women’s imaging radiologists at Neighborhood Radiology Services, with locations throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. Fill out the form on this page to request an appointment or call 800-220-2220.

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